A Man Should Be In Control Of EVERYTHING

Hello out there in cyberland,

I got a letter from one of my readers and here it is. I am going to answer his question:


Thanks for your articles. I think they are quite informative.

There are just a few things that are not clear to me:

You say “dominant communication is a form of control that is invisible, and women sense it”.

I miss the practical applicability of this sentence.

What should a man be in control of?

I am sure you do not mean that a man is “controlling”, because as I see it, that is a sign of insecurity and inflexibility.

What “state of being” (eg: sensual, sexual) should a man have in regard to women, for women to sense this dominant communication?

After deciding he wants to be perceived by women in this way, what should a man Do, to get to Have this effect on women and for them to feel he is masculine and dominant.

Thanks again for writing your articles.

I am looking forward to your reply,

Kind Regards,



Here’s my reply:

A man should be in control of EVERYTHING.

Now, when I say “control,” I don’t mean a “control freak:” someone who wants to control things because they are insecure. What I am talking about is different. It’s mostly internal: I would say that it’s a way of thinking—not just of yourself, but how you view the world.

If you date a woman, you should show all of the following at all times: leading, always get something for what she wants, being a man and treating her like a woman, telling her what to do, you making the big decisions, and guiding the whole sexual component of the relationship.

In a way, it’s kind of like what you want to be like if you could get away with anything. In other words, how would you behave on a first date if you were so comfortable with her, it was like hanging out with someone that was your best friend. You would say and behave the way you want, without caring about the consequences. Think about it.

Moreover, it’s like when you see a movie and you thought it was good or bad or like when you have an opinion on something; you will have a thought in your head and have an opinion on something and that though would be 100% you.

That thought, a piece of who you are, if you communicate that to your date, even though you know that she will disagree with you, is a sample of what I am saying about being dominant. (By the way, if you are honest with her about who you are, even if it’s the opposite of her, she will fall for you.)

I guess it’s like not giving a shit what other people think about you, and what you want out of life, and that you are honest with yourself and the world. Now, that’s being a man! Most men can’t do this. It’s tragic.

When you meet a woman for the first time, you have to let them know that you are a sexual man that finds her sexually attractive. You have to do that right away. You shouldn’t have to qualify yourself or anything. You are just being honest aren’t you? You are a man: she is a women. No complicate systems needed here.

Most men pretend to be nice on a date because they are afraid that the women won’t like them: the real them. I mean think about this: if she rejects you for who you are, it’s the only thing you really have; and if she rejects you, you will have nothing left. That’s scary to most men . . . most people, but it is a childish way not to face your fears.

You have to “man up” and face it despite your fear. The best way to overcome this fear is to face it head on and just think “courage.” Courage is mostly known as a “man” thing (Yes there are courageous women out there, but for the sake of what I am saying here.). Be a man and be manly, dominant, and lead the women.

This is an amazing concept: The more stereotypically masculine you are the more feminine type of women you will attract. It is what I call Kurgan’s Law. Just think about it.

But, getting back to my main point, most men in this world are not honest to women because of this fear. It’s like if you were physically naked in front of a hot babe that you got a date with and she rejects you physically. That’s fuck’en painful right. But for me, let’s say a woman doesn’t like my body: I wouldn’t give a shit.

Like guys have a fear of sex for the first time because of all of this anxiety. If the sex wasn’t great the first time, and she says it to you, just tell her, “that she needs to work harder next time.” Who cares what she thinks. The funny thing is that she will actually like you more for it. That’s what I mean by dominance and masculine strength.

One of the biggest turn ons in a woman is that your own life has more value to YOU than hers. That’s the ticket. You have to put yourself first. A woman will never respect you if you put her life in front of yours. That’s what I am trying to talk about here. Be a man.

It’s like Indiana Jones In Raiders of the Lost Ark: Indiana always put his life before the women. He was the adventure, not Marion, Willie Scott, or Dr. Elsa Scheider. Indiana always had what every it was that he was chasing.

You have to be that way.


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